“You got away once. Now come back – for the party!”

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Class of 1969, our 40th Reunion is over, but what a night it was.

We look good, really good. The photo/name tags may have had large type, but it was easy to recognize each other – just tweaking our respective memories to adjust from dark to grey hair, smooth jaws to beards and goatees, long hair to short hair, or no hair. It was a pleasure to see that the years have added grace and beauty, strength and character, laugh lines and softness. We have become ourselves, finally, and that makes us more attractive than we were in high school.

We continue to be a noisy bunch: even though we had the run of the building, everyone seemed to cram into the lounge area, shoulder to shoulder, seeing a familiar face in every direction. The memory table, with its candles and photos of classmates now departed, did little to dull the noise, instead providing an opportunity for specific memories and laughter. Only later did we each wander back to the lounge, to gaze reflectingly at our childhood friends.

The elementary and junior high school photos were amusing in their own right. As small children, we posed so stiffly under the stern gazes of our teachers, arms at our sides and hands in our laps, feet crossed just so... We obviously learned nothing! It was total, hilarious chaos as our hired photographer tried to rope nearly 100 of us into posing submission. We shall see how successful he was.

Then there was music, and the feet remembered just what to do. It was hard to be still when Ira, Matt, Jimmy B and Jim P began to play and sing. Then Eddie joined in, and the place rocked even more, if that were possible. We sang and shouted out choruses and danced until we couldn't any more.

Did you take home any retro candy? Did you recognize anyone in the tiny table-top photo discs? Funny how all the red wax lips and black wax mustaches disappeared from each table...

It took a long time to say goodbye to each other. We left with hugs and kisses, wishes for each other to have happy and healthy lives and families, and promises to stay in touch. It will be great if we do, but if we don't, don't take it personally. We shared a moment in time. It connects us forever and we are, each of us, better for it.

Lynn R. Berman
Homeroom 103

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