“You got away once. Now come back – for the party!”

Tell the truth: you still smile – maybe laugh – when you think about the 40th Reunion party, don't you?

It would be hard, indeed, to not grin when you think of everyone you saw, greeted, laughed with (or at), embraced, or kissed. We each found old friends from reunions past, and were delighted when we met up with those attending for the first time ever, or for the first time in a very long time.

Did you take photos that night?

We'd love to add them to the photos being posted on the reunion website on the "The Way We Are" page

Please send them to Joan Perkins' attention at: (Jon is her husband and our webmaster and the person who will load them in).

Got anything you'd like to say about your experience at the reunion party?

We'd love to add it to the website's 'Comments' section. You can go there and add it yourself, or you can send it to me or Joan and we will post for you.

And if you already sent a note to any Reunion Committee member, will be posted automatically.

Please, please, send the photos or phone videos you took! Chances are you got a snapshot of someone we missed...

Best regards, lynn
and Joan